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This is my new design blog. I wanted to create a design blog which will function much like a Dear Abbey section in a newspaper. Do you have any questions about interior design? If so, please let me know! I would love to help you figure out your spatial dilemma!

Yours truly,


Alicia Friedmann Interior Design, LLC


2 thoughts on “Design Blog

  1. Kristine says:

    Alicia –

    I have a lighting dilemma. I would like to replace my dining room table light, which I basically made by using a plug-in light bulb cord and a lamp shade from Lowes. You’ve been to my house, so you know that we have a post and beam ceiling and cannot go with a hard-wired fixture. Our house is mid-century modern, and most groovy and functional light fixtures I’ve seen are very, very pricey. I like the idea of a boom light but can’t seem to find any under a whopping $2,000. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!


  2. Kelly C. says:

    Hi, I just moved into a small studio which use to be a garage. I’m a full time student with a busy schedule and I also work parttime. I really need help on covering the garage door and the ceiling fixture that’s part of the garage from the inside. Need to also cover my front glass sliding door with curtains too.

    There are other stuff that needs to be worked on just to make the place in Harmony and Feng Shui. It’s a cute place, just need the right color and lighting. The walls are light blue to white and bright turquoise. I need help!

    I like to know some ideas and curious to how much do you charge?

    I really like your designs…

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