Living Room Interior Design in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA

In the design world, I sometimes feel the options are seemingly endless. It seems as if one should be able to find a great piece of furniture when I look for it in the vast array of stores out there. But, more often than not, when it comes to putting the perfect piece in my clients’ homes, I find myself having it made custom.

Take this living room, for example.

This is a great room in a custom ground-up newly built home two blocks from the beach. Yes, a sofa, love seat and chair would have suited the room just fine. But we were not looking for fine. Our goals were much higher than that.

That is when we created this curved sofa. Its shape is inspired by the nautilus shell, one of the most perfect shapes in nature. This sofa creates the most useful seating arrangement for the space where the family is able to converse, lounge, read, entertain and watch TV.

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