Sometimes a room can have all the correct furniture in it, and yet not feel quite right.

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This dilemma may very-well be the most frustrating one people encounter while decorating their homes. Because after all the correct furniture, wall colors, flooring and lighting have been chosen, installed and paid for, people want their places to look like the beautiful and inspiring images they have been imagining in their heads.

But it is the finishing touches that can make-or-break a space. These pieces are called accessories.

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Accessories are the pieces that give the room character. The art on the walls and the vases on the buffet are the accessories that take this dining room from ‘good’ to ‘great.’

The most important design fundamental to remember when choosing these finishing touches is that the pieces are of the correct size for the room into which they are going. Even if the pieces are ‘perfect’ for the room, if they are out of scale and proportion for the space, they will never give the room the desired effect. Accessories bring color, pattern and texture into the house. This is why accessories (of the proper dimensions) are pivotal in creating the desired style, theme and feel in the home.




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