While a student in the UCLA Extension Interior Design Program, I would take myself on ‘field trips’ to Hennessey + Ingalls Bookstore in search of design inspiration. I would stay there for hours at a time, leafing through countless interior design and architecture books. It was during this time that I acquired my foundation in the language of art and design (as well as my design library).

There are times when, while working, I am searching for design inspiration. This is when I look to my design library. And how ecstatic was I when I opened John Welsh’s Modern House by Phaidon Press today and re-discovered this house!

This is Casa Gaspar by Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza. It is a structure with clean, pure lines which represent the minimalist movement.  The image of this tree growing between five white planes one of the five most inspirational views that I often float to in my imagination. The walls (and floor) are white, but the architect constructed the space to capture light in such a way that the space glows in an amazing color of radiant sky blue. To me the tree represents the power of survival, the power of one to live and grow even when blocked in on all four sides.



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