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Not a single piece of furniture, art or accessory was purchased for this project. Yet this loft was completely transformed. All it took were inspiration and wall paint.

This loft is located in Koreatown and has a magnificent view of the Wiltern Theater.

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The client is a classically-trained pianist who greatly enjoys navigation throughout Los Angeles on the metro and on his bicycle. When he moved into this space, it was a blank canvas of white walls.

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His first major artistic investment to make this space his own was to bring inspiration he gathers every day from the streets of LA into his home. He hired a local graffiti artist to paint his favorite spots onto the living room wall.

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The next step was to make the colors in the grafitti wall resonate throughout the space.  In addition to being driven by the sights and sounds of LA, this client is deeply moved by the art of Frida Kahlo. Therefore, I found paint colors in her art as well as colors used in her fellow countryman, architect Luis Barragan’s buildings to make the color scheme of this loft truly bold, powerful and timeless.

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The colors, like Frida Kahlo’s work, are rich, vibrant and enveloping. And the way in which the walls are painted is in line with the work of Luis Barragan. The views in this loft are completely different colors depending on the angle from which one is standing. It is the drama in the colors as well as the way the colors reflect the ‘center’ of this place – the graffiti wall – that makes this artist’s loft a bold world that simply works.



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