This master bedroom belongs to a young family – a married couple and their baby boy.

Blog 10 before setteeBlog 10 before

When I first walked into this room, all I could think was, “wow…they are used to decorating an apartment, not a grand room like this!” This space is 16’ x 20’ with hardwood floors and a lofty pitched ceiling. Yet the clients had a mere 5’x7’ area rug at the foot of the bed to “ground” the space.

My goal with this room was to treat it like it is: a large master suite in Virginia Country Club, one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Long Beach. Only when completed with furnishings that fill the space will this room feel as large as it is. My clients’ wish was for this room to function as a warm and inviting retreat. With both their wishes and mine in mind, I went to work.

Blog 10 after setteeBlog 10 after

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, covering more of the space makes the large room feels bigger and warmer. First, I moved the dresser from the room’s entry to a wall far away from the door. Although that piece fit into the space, its solid shape and size said the opposite of “welcome.” I replaced it with this elegant settee and calming piece of art. I also added silk striped window treatments to bring softness to the walls. I replaced the small area rug with on 10’x12’ in size. This useful piece of art ground the room properly.   I added tall plant to complete the space in the corner beside each nightstand. To further enhance the space, I filled the ample space above the king-size bed with a substantial piece of art. And at the foot of the bed, I added these two chairs to create a real sitting area in the room.

Now this master bedroom is warm, inviting, peaceful and complete!



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2 thoughts on “08.24.09

  1. Tracy Caris says:

    Hi Alicia…I was glad I was able to view this latest “blog” as I have been “locked out” of your other blogs. Beautiful job…much brighter and more inviting…


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