Kitchen Remodel Interior Designer in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA

Have you ever thought, “If I change my kitchen, my house will feel completely transformed”?
Here is physical proof that this can happen.
If you walked into this kitchen

Blog 12 13 or 14 Pucci Kitchen B4 2


Blog 12 13 or 14 Pucci Kitchen B4 1


would you think you were in a five bedroom, five bath Mediterranean-style two-story house in the best part of Santa Monica, CA? To me, this white cookie-cutter style kitchen was simply out-of-place in this grand home.
The goal was for the interior of this house to match the exterior. And, of course, we began with the kitchen. For the kitchen is the heart of the home, where family and friends gather for sustenance and nourishment. To achieve this, we completely gutted the kitchen. We then created the new Mediterranean-inspired kitchen.

Blog 12 13 or 14 Pucci Kitchen 3


Blog 12 13 or 14 Pucci Kitchen 2


Blog 12 13 or 14 Pucci Kitchen 1


The key word for all the details in this space is custom. We replaced the old and damaged walnut floor with custom-sized rectangular marble tiles. We custom-designed the alder wood cabinets complete with corbels, under cabinet lighting (on the upper cabinets) and drawers that close themselves. Of course each door and drawer was made with its use in mind: warming drawer, trash & recycling pull-out, and cookie sheet storage, to name a few. Everything (including the refrigerator-freezer) is hidden from the eye when the doors and drawers are closed. The backsplashes used to be plain white ceramic tile. Now they are a complete design of natural marbles. The lighting used to be an arrangement of dim recessed lights. Now there is a mixture of low-voltage recessed lighting as well as the chandelier and pendants of custom ironwork. And of course we hand-picked this amazing and unique granite for the countertops.                                                                                                                                     Now the remodeled kitchen is the perfect balance of old-world style and new-world function. It has developed into a gorgeous center to a beautiful home. My clients used to get out of the kitchen as fast as possible. Now they look forward to spending time in it!  That is what I call success.



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6 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel Interior Designer in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA

  1. Amber (Oehlman) Miller says:

    Absolutely remarkable! Stunning. I have a hard time believing it is the same kitchen. Beautiful. This certainly gives you bragging rights. My, God!

  2. Laurie Burke says:

    Great job! And great example of a before and after. What a difference a day makes, (or in kitchen design…7-10 weeks or so). I like the way you handled the detail on the ice maker. Excellent details, all of it!

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