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Ever since I posted the blog on 09.14.09 about my new home, clients and friends alike have been asking me for an update on the progress. So, here’s the update!

These are the before pictures of my home office:

As you can see, the space was cheerful, inviting…and boring.

Based on the answers I gave myself on the Alicia Friedmann Introspective Design Study (AFIDS), I knew it was essential that my office inspired me to be creative and productive. I needed a space that captivated me, beckoned me to enter, and tempted me not to leave. This way I would be completely engrossed in my work and continually motivated to best serve my clients.

Here it is:

My new office is the place where I (-and only I?-) function best. The walls are covered in Benjamin Moore Caribbean Blue Water, the color of my personal utopia. The vibrant color is at-once stimulating and calming, transporting my mind to the ideal mental state for working. I love each accessory on the shelves and each piece of art on the walls. Each collectible has a story and plays a role in making me smile while running my business.

I am a big fan of efficiency. That is why I utilize a mobile and accessible filing system (instead of clunky metal filing cabinets). The desk is the perfect size to house my computer, pad of paper, writing and drawing tools, and the rest of my organizational system. I removed the closet doors, thus giving me open access to my design library.

Clients and friends often ask me what my personal design style is. As you can see- it is unique, something I expect never to do for a client. By sharing it with you, I feel I have shared a big piece of me.



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9 thoughts on “Home Office

  1. Looks great Alicia! That wall color is intense…but I like! Makes a real statement in that room. Now if only I could get going on my home office…ugh.

  2. Hi Alicia,

    The photos came out very well! I like the fact that you put small pieces of artwork on the walls instead of large ones. Like a goldfish in a bowl that is too small, it would look terribly cramped to have large paintings in a small home office where there is limited wall space. Your bookshelves are nice and strong because of their cubical structure. Great for those large designer books. 😉

    I like the light carpet to off set the boldness of the blue. The light carpet allows reflected light to come up from the ground and lighten it up a bit from the single window you have.

    David and I use the SAME office and it is smaller than yours! So we do not have ANY of my paintings in there. Our bookshelves are wall hogs and use up every space we have. You can never have enough books! Just not enough wall space! Our walls are light to allow the light from the window to give us as much luminosity as possible. Thanks for sharing your before and afters!

    🙂 Tina

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