Costa Mesa Bathroom Remodel




This is what my clients’ bathroom in Costa Mesa, CA looked like after the roots of a rubber tree invaded the space. The obstruction caused the toilet to leak, thus destroying the bathroom, and inspiring the clients to demolish the entire area.




This is what a bathroom looks like after I redid it.

Before, there was a double-sink vanity across from a walk-in closet, each of which consisted of mostly wasted space. The toilet and shower were crammed into a small walled-off section.

I repositioned everything around to make the bathroom and closet look and feel more expansive. First, I moved the wall dividing the two areas to create a larger bathroom. I separated the single vanity into individual his-and-her vanities and relocated these into the bathroom area. The closet became its own area, and I divided it into his-and-her sections.

I replaced the space-consuming swinging doors with a pocket door which separates the bathroom from the closet and a barn door which separates the closet from the master bedroom. The closets are now neatly tucked away behind the soft curtains.

The theme of the bathroom is “rustic modern.” Therefore, I mixed the tumbled marble and slate tiles with the polished chrome fixtures, fittings, hardware and lighting. I designed the vanity cabinets and wall cabinets and had them custom-made. The cabinets, doors and moldings are finished to my custom specifications.

Thus, this master bathroom has been restored from ruins to an oasis ready to cleanse and restore the mind and body.



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5 thoughts on “Costa Mesa Bathroom Remodel

  1. nancyfriedman says:

    Wow Alicia, fantastic job. I loved your writing too ” changed it from ruins to an oasis.” Not bad…. the job is par. Nancy

  2. Hi, Alicia! I love looking at the before and after pics on your blog. I can’t wait to buy a house so I can start working with you on decorating it. Still house hunting. Hopefully I’ll see you at the June NAWBO dinner!

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