Our Guest Bathroom Remodel

It is done, and I am so happy!

Ever since we purchased our house three years ago, I have been yearning to get rid of the toilet in our guest bathroom. While my husband, Brian, loved it, I refused to use it. It scared me.

Therefore, when Brian said it was not working well anymore, I was relieved. This was my go-ahead to remove the ancient relic and remodel the bathroom!

Here are “before” pictures of how our guest bathroom used to look:

Being in the design trade, it was wonderful to have the contactors with whom I often work on clients’ homes help me with a project of my own. The first thing we did was demo the room. In doing so, we discovered the old Carrera marble floor tile was not installed directly on the foundation. It was laid on top of one layer of tile and a layer of linoleum. Wow! And, yes, the tub was pink. So, we gutted the room down to the studs and started from a clean base. Here are “during” pictures of our guest bathroom while it was being excavated:

After the room was completely empty, the first thing we did was to replace the window. This alone was a great improvement! Next we ran new plumbing and electrical. After all the “behind the walls and floor” work was complete, we installed the new cast-iron tub and tiled the walls and floors. Then the painters got to work. They patched the holes, leveled the planes, and painted the walls and ceiling.

Originally, I had a custom wood vanity cabinet made for the bathroom. When we got it into the space, I could not sleep for two nights. I hated it so much! It made the bathroom feel tiny, and it covered too much of the floor tile which has captured my heart. This is when Brian proved his love to me once again. He removed the vanity himself. At that point, I decided to go with a console sink and two light-and-airy shelving units. This way, all our needs are taken care of: we have plenty of storage and the space feels as large as possible.

Here are “after” pictures of our re-modeled guest bathroom:

As an interior designer, my career is based on creating spaces customized to my clients’ wants and needs. It feels so incredible to have finally had the opportunity to, along with my husband, be my own client! From grout color, to paint color, to plumbing fixtures, we got to pick it all. What is my favorite part? It is the rain shower. This is the best shower I have ever used, and I get to do so every day! My bathroom makes me happy.



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4 thoughts on “Our Guest Bathroom Remodel

  1. Love it! It’s beautiful. Well done! It was really encouraging to read that Brian and you were willing to make a change on the sink. And be very happy with the decision. You deserve this bathroom after all the hard work you do for your clients!

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