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Blog 12 13 or 14 Pucci Red Room 2 (after)

When I walk into this room, I feel so inspired! I walk out of this room and I sense a void…I am overcome by a need to return! I enter this room again and I feel perfect: energetic, inspired, and as if everything is right in the world. And it is a sensation I never expected to have from this space!

Blog 12 13 or 14 Pucci Red Room B4 1 (before)

When I first began working on this project, this room was already painted this fantastic color of red. It already housed the iconic Le Corbusier chairs and this amazing vintage French poster. Yet the room did nothing for my psyche. The space felt awkward and nothing seemed to go together spatially or stylistically.

So I went to work. Using AutoCAD, I designed this amazing wall unit. The first goal was to center the art on the all. The idea was to frame out the picture frame with the red of the wall. Then I specified  the details of the cabinet: dimensions, crown moldings, door and drawer pulls, wood detail on the glass, wood stain color, and hand-picking this beautifully bold granite slab for the countertop.

Now, this room is perfect. I love how it mixes the classical built-in wall unit, the modern chairs, the Asian accessories (area rug and Buddah), and the mixture of finishes on the various pieces of metal. To top it off, this room has a function! It is a bar, complete with not one, but two Sub-Zero wine refrigerators, ample display for drinking vessels and libations, and storage to boot!

To me, this room has grown to be a “living” example of the design term I embrace most: form follows function. And I love the form and the function of this room!

Blog 12 13 or 14 Pucci Red Room 1 (after)     Blog 12 13 or 14 Pucci Red Room 3 (after)



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