Laundry Room Interior Design in Orange County, Los Angeles CA

For an active, sporty family of four, dirty laundry is inevitable.

So why not make the chore of laundry more enjoyable?

Such was the quest of my clients.





This room was basically a closet. I remodeled and expanded the space to make it a continuation of the rest of the coastal Southern California home. The floor tiles are cheerful in color and pattern, yet extremely practical. Because they are commercial grade and have virtually no grout lines, they are indestructible and do not collect grime. I designed the room around the dimensions of the washer and dryer, so form definitely follows function. I also created ample storage space for washing supplies as well as sporting necessities. Now, instead of being a space my client dreaded to enter, the laundry room is an inviting place to be. And I am willing to bet laundry gets done more quickly and effortlessly because of it.



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