Bad Paints & Wrong Rugs: You Need An Interior Designer, You Just Don’t Know It Yet

Do you need an interior designer, but you just haven’t realized it yet? Check out the list below. If you find yourself experiencing one or more of the below problems—you might just need an interior designer.

  • You’re buying furniture that doesn’t fit: Ever been in the market for a new sofa? Did you eyeball the couch at the store and just say, “Yeah, that should fit,” only to get it home and find it’s too long by two feet? If this is a painfully familiar memory, you may need an interior designer. A designer will take precise measurements of your space and will draw up different layouts so that you can visualize furniture placement, sizes, and flow spaces. As well, designers can shop for these pieces for you, ensuring that they will work in proportion and harmony with the other pieces you will soon be buying. With a designer, you never have to worry about squeezing behind dining room chairs or stubbing your toe on oversized coffee tables.
  • You’re stuck on a remodel: You’ve started a massive, top-to-bottom remodel of your home—the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, patio, even the laundry room and that man cave in the basement. And then all of a sudden, you’re stuck. The tiles you chose just aren’t working with the cabinets; the paint just doesn’t look like the right shade of green on your walls. This is where a designer will be your lifesaver. He or she can identify stumbling blocks, streamline your process, and make your home function as a cohesive whole. Remodeling a home can be hard—your designer is here to help.
  • You can’t decide on paint colors: Arguably, one of the most difficult parts of renovations can be choosing paint colors. There are just so many! Luckily for you, your designer is a master of all things on a paint fan, leading you through the world of hues and shades with a keen eye so you can arrive at a perfect combination of specific colors for your home.
  • You need some couples mediation: We hear it all the time: “Happy wife, happy life”. We know remodels aren’t always easy. Maybe you and your significant other have spent hours deciding and disagreeing for days and weeks over your favorite backsplash, but months later, you still haven’t reached a decision. Thankfully, your interior designer can help you compromise and reach decisions together with ease. Having a third party with expertise in design will bring you to a happy medium and save you a lot of domestic headaches.
  • You just need some advice: Maybe you actually have an eye for design! You know what colors you like and what wallpapers will mesh with that dream couch that you’ve had your eye on. But, still, you’re a little unsure and need an expert to give you that extra level of confidence in your choices. Hiring a designer can lend you the confirmation (or even change in perspective) about the materials and pieces you’re choosing to install! Having a second opinion from your designer will give you peace of mind and, also, set you up with a contact that you can consult in the future should you have any more questions about what works in your home and what does not.


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