At Alicia Friedmann Interior Design, LLC
our mission is to make your home yours.
We do so by getting to know you, the client,
what you want in a home and what you need in a home,
and get you there by balancing the form and function
of your space around you.

www.aliciafriedmann.com                                       info@aliciafriedmann.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Alicia! I hope all is well! I’m considering taking on an investment/rehab project in the city of Washington, DC. While still not cheap by any standard, there are some very interesting opportunities to restore some homes that have historical significance and very interesting architecture.

    Many of these places have failed or cheaply done renovations that have lost various period elements.

    Do you have any suggestions for reference resources that will inform me on how to stay true to the period architecture while renovating?

  2. Alicia – If you have any projects that you utilize Robert Allen Fabrics could you send it my way Robert Allen is looking for some room setings utilizing our fabrics to put on our web-site your name will be mentioned and contact information if you have some pictures or will be doing some in the near future utilizing Robert Allen or Beacon Hill let me know so I can forward the pictures onto corporate. Thanks Pamela Boggs

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