Kitchen Remodel

I love doing kitchen remodels!

Here is one that has the neighbors swooning!



We removed a load-bearing wall by creating a beam which carries the weight of the second story outside. This enabled us to open the kitchen up to the adjoining living room. We also made “something out of nothing” by putting a pantry, wine bar and broom closet on walls which used to be empty. We replaced the regular old tile with hand-picked granite countertops and glimmering glass tile backsplash. And, of course, we traded in the aged white appliances for new stainless ones.

As I sit back and look at this transformation, I think about how much I enjoy doing remodels!

The greatest part about this job is I know the client appreciates the transformation as much as I do.



Alicia Friedmann Interior Design, LLC

310.702.6346 phone

562.597.8022 fax


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