Now that summer is upon us, how can we not be inspired to bring the indoors out and that which we discover on our travels back home?

Upon returning from a recent trip to Mexico, a client of mine wanted to bring a taste of her wonderful vacation home with her. The colors of Mexico are vibrant and true.

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The brilliance of the hues gives the viewer no choice but to become happy. Therefore, how could one afford not to take some of this happiness home?

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So, I hand-picked these tiles and customized the layout. The contractor installed this staircase as I specified. Now every time my client uses this section of her garden, her mind floats to the fond memories of her travels.



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One thought on “07.13.09

  1. Lilia says:

    My sister and I just returned form our vacation trip to Park Royal Acapulco, what a great place to be, you are right about Mexican colors, they are everywhere, in their clothing in their dresses, even in their food!!!!

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